Q.) Why are your products more expensive than other wooden sunglasses?

A.) A lot of frames you see online aren’t actually manufactured by the company you’re buying from. In fact, most companies outsource their products from China, have their label engraved on them, and then claim they’re “handcrafted.” Their products are sourced from cheap labor so the prices are often reflected through their markups. We use locally sourced wood found on the Hawaiian islands. Our main choice of wood is Koa, which is significantly rare and only found here in Hawaii. So not only is the wood we use unique, we’re actually one of the few companies that processes the wood by hand ourselves. Don’t believe us? Follow us on Instagram and get a behind the scenes view on the process! 

Q.) Why are your products always sold out?

A.) We’re committed to bringing you high quality luxury products. Due to the nature of our products, we make small batches at a time to ensure we maintain quality and value while reducing our manufacturing footprint. We’re also a small company with high demand products. We try to restock every month but understand that one of our main principles is quality over quantity. We’re focused on delivering you the best you can buy! 


Q.) What happens if I receive the product and it doesn’t look the way I want it to?

A.) Your satisfaction is our guarantee. We can offer you free exchanges or your money back. View our “Policy” page for more information. 



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