We’re the zeitgeist of our generation, a symbol that represents the stereotyped, the generalized, and the forgotten. Society holds standards and expectations that are fabricated upon the unstable foundations of preconceived bias. We're told to live a life of formality and conventionalism in order to be "successful" but we understand that the word "success" is relative. And we also understand that we're not bound by the brittle fabricated laws of conformity. The cutthroats of our generation are the backbone of society. We're the ones who have faced tribulations and have triumphed. We're not subjected to failure based on our gender, nationality, disability, appearance, or where we're from.. we're subjected to greatness in spite of it all. We believe that no dream is either too big or too small to be significant. Hard work, and perseverance is what makes us who we are. We are modernday cutthroats.

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